ToomuchTohandle Jones
If you love natural products this is the place for you. Scents are vibrant. Every item is made with love and if you make an order today may be able to get it the same day or you may have to wait for the next day.
Josie Bender
I loved it ! Smells sooooo great. It's nice and smooth and leave your hands and body feeling super soft and moisturized. I even tried it in my daughter's hair and it worked great... It truly alleviated my dry skin with such a great smell I could almost eat it !!!! this product is awesome and a must try ...!!! 5 stars
Shirley Evans
I purchased 2 gifts and one for myself. I tried a,sample of "Lust" shea butter. It has lasted for hours. Can't wait to try the scrub.
Donna Smith
I've gotten my LUST today, and let me tell you~HOT! Loving it. Make sure you get yours today, and pick that fragrance that's just right for you, cause LUST is rocking for me.
Notchy Smith
This is a great product! I love the way it smells and it has my skin absolutely soft and silky. Me and my mother has purchased most of the fragrances! I highly recommend you all get yours before there all gone.